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Unit #1 Vocabulary Words

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Cease-stop happening; end 

Disarray-a disorganized and confused state: untidiness; confusion;  disorder

Imposing- grand, impressive in appearance

Intense -to be great, strong, or extreme in a way that can be felt; involving great effort or much activity; strong, powerful, 

forceful, deep, and extreme

Melancholy-a  sad mood or feeling

Perilous -full of danger or risk; exposed to imminent risk of disaster or ruin

Recede-to go back or down from a certain point or level; get farther away; become less; withdraw

Reluctant-feeling no willingness or enthusiasm to do something: unwilling hesitant

Seize-to take hold of an object quickly and firmly; to arrest somebody detain

Tranquil-free from disturbance or commotion; calm, peaceful

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