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AR Requirements

7th grade Reading Requirements


  • Students will set a personal AR goal each quarter for points to earn based off of their STAR recommendations.  The goal should progress throughout the year.
  • Students will take AR tests over the book of their choice to earn points toward their goal.  Only AR books will count towards meeting the goal.
  • Grades are given out of 100 points each quarter for the completion of AR tests and achievement of their individual goal.
  • Students should use free time and designated reading time during class, as well as read at home to accomplish this goal.
  • 80% of books must be within your STAR reading level range.
  • The goal for every student is to score an 80% or higher for each book. Only scores of 70% or higher will count toward the goal.
  • Students will keep track of their own progress in AR and conference with the teacher on a weekly / bi-weekly basis.
  • Students must choose at least one award winning book to be pre-approved by the teacher each semester.



I have read the above requirements and will do my very best to complete the reading expectations for each quarter.

Student Signature:______________________________________________________________________

I have read the above requirements and will do my very best to hold my student accountable for his/her reading expectations.

Parent/Guardian Signature:_______________________________________________________________