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Daily Schedule

1st hour 7:50-8:36   Social Studies with ELDP students

 2nd hour 8:40-9:25  Social Studies with ELDP students

3rd hour  9:29-10:14   ELL students in my room

4th hour  10:18-11:03    ELL students in my room 

5th hour 11:10-12:23  Science with ELDP students/Lunch

6th hour 12:27-1:12   My plan time

7th/8th hours 1:16-2:50   7th grade ELDP in my room


ELL classes will do some of the RAMP program when possible just to make sure the kids are organized. The RAMP program stands for choosing Rigor, gaining Access, maintaining Motivation, and practicing Persistence. It is to help students develop knowledge, skills, and habits for middle school, high school, and after. 

ELL classes will also be a time for helping students with work they have from other classes that they may be struggling with or just need a little help in. 

ELDP will read fiction and non-fiction stories with comprehension tests and vocabulary tests like last year. We will also hopefully have time to do our Fluency practice and tests this year. The kids loved to do these and were reading so well at the end of the last year. 

ELDP will do Language review daily. We will work on sentence writing, parts of speech, grammar, etc… We will have a Spelling test on Friday’s of every week. We will also have homework almost every night if possible. 



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