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Renoux, Sally

Ms. Renoux’s Middle School FACS

Brief Overview and Policies


Name:  Sally Renoux   Location: Room 300 E-Mail:

Phone: Because I travel between the high school and middle school email is the best way to get in touch with me. If you prefer speaking to me please email and I will call you as soon s possible.


While students in both courses will be doing cooking and sewing projects what I really hope they learn is Employability Skills that will benefit them regardless of their career choice.

  • Reading technical writing, attention to details, time management, working within a group, questioning and answering in an informed manner, and using verbal and written communication effectively will be stressed throughout all projects.

Clothing & Consumer Education Unit :

  • Hand and machine sewing will be used to create fabric items. Students will bring their own fabric and thread/floss. Total cost for required items should be $5-$10.
  • Tools, equipment, and practice materials are provided by the school. 
  • All work must be completed in the classroom. Additional time will be available before school and occasionally after school if your student falls behind. 

Nutrition & Wellness Unit:

  • Basic kitchen guidelines for kitchen safety and sanitation.
  • Beginning food preparation techniques.
  • All ingredients for labs will be provided. If your student has food allergies I will do my best to accommodate their needs to ensure they are able to eat the foods they prepare.


As the teacher, I will:

  • give full credit for work turned in on time.
  • give makeup work for excused absences when a student asks me for it.
  • expect students to be respectful to other students and adults in the classroom.
  • expect students to be respectful of property -- the teacher’s, the school’s, and each other’s.

Homework: If class time is used wisely there will be little or no homework.

Late Work: 1 day late the grade is lowered 10%, 2 days late lowered 20%. Not accepted after that.

Extra Credit: Extra credit work is NOT available on a regular basis. Occasionally an opportunity may present itself and all students will have the option of taking advantage at that time. 

Grading: If you have a question about your student's grade please discuss it with them first. 

  Grading Scale: 


100 – 90%

very superior work



89 – 80%

superior work



79 – 70%

work one would expect at this level



69 – 60%

work not meeting the standard for this level



59 – 0%

work insufficient or unacceptable for this level