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 Welcome to Sixth Grade Choir! I am so excited to have you in class this year. My goal is that our classroom be a safe, supportive environment, where you will gain self-confidence and a lifelong love of music. - Mrs. Schroeder


In choir you will:

1.  Sing using correct vocal production techniques  

2.  Sight-read simple rhythms and melodies

3.  Experience singing unison and 2-part music in a variety of styles and musical periods

4.  Demonstrate good stage presence, poise, and proper concert etiquette

5.  Develop teamwork skills and leadership qualities



Follow all school rules

Be on time with Materials (music binder, pencil, agenda with conduct card)

No Food or Gum, Water Only!

Respect yourself and others


Consequences: Conduct cards and loss of participation points



Rehearsal Participation: 55%

Your participation in rehearsals will effect not only yourself but the rest of the members of the choir.  Each student’s rehearsal participation will be evaluated weekly based on the following:



Respect for classmates, teacher, and materials


Being on Time with Materials


Performance Participation and Performance Etiquette: 25%

There are 4 performances scheduled for this school year.  Please mark concert dates on your calendars ASAP so that you are able to attend.   Students will receive full credit if they wear appropriate performance attire, (see below) and make a positive contribution to the group while performing.  Also, students are expected to be respectful while in the audience, and stay throughout the duration of the concert. Only illness, family emergencies, and pre-arranged absences will be excused absences.  In the case of an unavoidable absence, a parent will need to notify Mrs. Schroeder prior to the concert.  An excused absence can be made up by submitting a one page paper on a musical topic chosen by the teacher.  An unexcused absence will result in a zero.



Performance Dates:

October 16        Fall Concert            7:00        AHS Auditorium

November 27        Holiday Concert        7:00        AHS Auditorium

March 5        Spring Concert        7:00        AHS Auditorium

May 14        Final Concert            7:00         AHS Auditorium

* Students should arrive at AHS 30 minutes prior to the performance warm ups!


Performance attire for 6th grade is an AMS choir polo, blue jeans (no holes), and your nicest close toed shoes.  Polos are $14, and I will be sending home order forms/collecting money for these.



Assessments/Assignments: 20%  

This includes, but is not limited to

  • worksheets

  • music theory tests

  • sight reading tests     

  • singing tests

  • concert evaluations


I am a part-time position, so the best way to contact me is by e-mail!





















































































































































*Please turn in this page to Mrs. Schroeder, but keep the other one at home!


For the Student:

I have read this syllabus and understand the policies and procedures for 6th grade vocal music.  I will make every effort to have a good attitude and to be open to learning new things each day.



Student Name (please print)



Student signature


For the Parent(s):

I have read this syllabus and understand the policies and procedures for 6th grade vocal music.  I have put the four concert dates on the calendar and know these are important nights for my child.  I understand that students may only be excused for emergencies or unavoidable con´Čéicts that must be approved by Mrs. Schroeder prior to the performance.



Parent signature


This signed page is worth a written grade and is due by Friday, Aug. 31