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Foster, Brett

7th Grade Resource 

Mr. Foster



1st-2nd hr- Co-teach Language Arts with Mrs. Fetters

3rd hr- Plan

4th hr-MTSS

5th-6th hr- Co-teach Common Core Math with Ms.Buffo

7th hr- Resource hour

8th- Resource hour



Class Rules and Guidelines

1. RESPECT is the only rule.  Respect yourself, respect your peers, respect school property & respect me.


2. Before the bell rings, I ask that you be in your seat with all of your supplies.

                                                Supplies include:

  • Work that needs to be completed (late work will be completed before you can work on current assignments)
  • Planner (Agenda Book)
  • Paper, pen, pencil, textbook, ruler, calculator, etc.


3. You are responsible for your work.  Late assignments will be worked on before current homework.

4. Do quality work.  I know that when you are behind it is sometimes seems easier to hurry through and finish assignments.  However, poor quality work will not be accepted by your teachers or by me.  Save yourself some time and do the assignment right the first time.

5. Study skills  is a pass/fail class.  Observation of each of the following 4 criteria will happen daily and be recorded.


Attendance…Be present.  If absence, point will be earned when make-up work is gathered from classes missed.  If absence is unexcused point cannot be earned.


Participation…Attentive and on-task during the duration of class.  Take an active interest in your success at AMS with grades and responsibility.  This includes having a planner filled out and initialed by teachers.


Responsibility…Maintain this point by bringing the above items EVERY DAY.


Disposition…Cooperation and teamwork are present.  You must not interfere with the learning of others.


Reading Log:

This year, each student will be required to read for 20 minutes each night and to log it in their agenda folder.  This needs to be signed off by parents each day.  This will count towards their resource grade at the end of each week.

Brett Foster

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