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Boughton, Kurtis

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My classes are “hands-on” “project based” assignments. Most is not all work will be done in class.

I do not assign homework. If a student has homework, it is because they did not get the work done during the time provided in class. If a student turns in an assignment after the due date (the date posted in the gradebook for that assignment), I do not take points off the assignment for being late.

6th Grade Robotic cannot be worked on at home. All work must be done in class.

7th/8th Grade Engineering Design and Modeling might have some homework dealing with the engineering drawing that we do, but only if they do not complete them on time in class.

7th/8th Grade Computer Science may be worked on at home if the student has access to the internet and an android device. If they do not have this access, then all work will have to be completed in class.

7th/8th Grade Computer Applications may be worked on if you have a Windows 10 PC and Office 2016, otherwise the student will have to work in class.




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