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Tiffany Couvillion


Welcome to 6th and 7th Grade Language Arts  


Well, it is finally here – the 4th quarter! I know I say this often, but I really cannot believe we are at this point. It feels like yesterday I was greeting my students on the first day of school. 

I want to personally thank you, parents, for your unending support for your child’s education. Without you, my job would not be possible. You each have raised amazing kiddos that I have grown to love this year as they are my own. I am truly going to miss them!

~ Mrs. Couvillion

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We are wrapping up our expository writing the first week back from Spring Break. Students have done an amazing job so far on explaining the positive or negative effects of social media on teens today. It is always interesting to get their perspective on a topic that means so much to them. They have done a great job finding textual evidence to support their topic and explain how it all relates to one another. I look forward to their final product.

Once we finish the writing, we will move into our narrative nonfiction novel, Behind Rebel Lines – a true story of a woman, Emma Watson, who spied on the Confederate army to gather information for the Union army. In her quest, she takes on several different disguises to get behind the enemy line without being noticed. 

In grammar, we will continue our unit on pronouns with the focus on subjective, objective, personal, possessive, and intensive. Students will learn to recognize and edit the following: correct use of a pronoun, shifts in pronoun usage, and vague pronouns. We will finish up the quarter focusing on the different types of sentences – simple, compound, and complex. The focus will be on identifying the sentence type, punctuating the sentence properly (commas) and to revise and combine simple sentences to create a more advanced, fluid connection of ideas. 

For vocabulary, we will continue to learn the 30-15-10 affixes and roots, which are a list of the most common Greek and Latin word parts that make up most of our English language compiled by literary guru Kelley Gallagher. Each list will snowball onto the next until all 55 words parts have been mastered. Students can review the terms with their flashcards or Studystack, which has a link on our Google Classroom page. 


Wednesday, May 8th – Library (AR book #4)

Friday, May 10th – All books are due back to the library (library books and textbooks)

Friday, May 10th – Vocabulary Test #02 (Nonsense words with affixes/roots)

Wednesday, May 22nd – Last day of school; early release (12:50)/Blue Card Party


We will continue to develop the skill of identifying the six signposts of fiction, which was developed by two literary professionals Kylene Beers and Robert E. Probst. Students are starting to be able to identify the signposts in their independent novels and analyze are beginning to analyze the importance of the signpost to the plot, character development, and/or theme. We will continue to further delve into these until students are able to make it a habit while reading. 

We are currently half way through our novel, Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry by Mildred D. Taylor. We will continue to incorporate the six fiction signposts to help them gain a deeper understanding of the novel. Students will continue to be required to learn various vocabulary words. Each unit will have 15-20 words that will be tested every two to three weeks. Students will be expected to study these words at home using flashcards or through Studystack (link found on Google Classroom). 

At the beginning of May, the students will begin to write a compare and contrast paper on the different forms of media (book and novel) for Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry. In addition, they will be creating a one-pager over various literary elements for the novel. I can’t wait to see their final products. 

Lastly, we will continue to enhance our grammar skills. We will continue working on our unit on clauses (adjective/adverbial clause, independent/dependent clauses, relative pronouns with an emphasis on who vs. whom, and essential vs. non-essential clauses and how to properly punctuate). We will end the year by developing our writing skills by combining sentences/ideas into the two more advanced sentence types – complex and compound-complex sentences. 



Wednesday, May 8th – Library (AR book #4)

Friday, May 10th – All books are due back to the library (library books and textbooks)

Friday, May 17th – Research Papers are due

Wednesday, May 22nd – Last day of school; early release (12:50)/Blue Card Party      


If you need to see me in person or need to contact me, I am available from 7:50-8:36 daily. If you plan on meeting with me in person, please give me a day notice. There are times I am not available due to other meetings I may have to attend. 


Every Monday and Thursday students can stay until 4:00 to receive assistance on homework. If they sign up for homework hub, they are required to stay the entire time, unless they have prior approval from the administration. 

The students are not allowed “to hang out” with friends during this time; they will be kept in the homework hub room where the teacher will assist them with any questions they may have regarding their assignments. Since this is a voluntary position for teachers, the room for homework hub will change each day. Students need to make sure they listen to announcements or check the school website to see which teacher will be hosting homework hub. 

Students MUST sign up in the office BY lunchtime on the day of homework hub to attend; otherwise, they will have to wait for the next day. Please be at school promptly by 4:00 to pick up your child. If a student is picked up after 4:00 several times, it may result in the student not being able to attend homework hub. We know that emergency situations arise, so please notify the office or your student immediately if you know you are going to be late. Unfortunately, there is no bus service provided. 


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