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Welcome to 6th Grade Language Arts  

Update on the Third Quarter

I hope everyone had a wonderful break! We have a lot in store for us from now until the end of the year. This quarter we will focus on poetry while incorporating the literary skills: point of view, theme, mood, and tone. The students will continue to have vocabulary tests every two weeks, but this semester they are going to focus on Latin and Greek affixes and roots. Lastly, after we finish our poetry unit, we will move into informational text and the various forms of writing.  

As a way to incorporate the research skills needed for 6th grade, students will be involved in a Passion Project, which is also known as Genius Hour. Every Friday students will spend one hour towards researching a topic that is of interest to them. They will have several requirements to meet during this semester-long project. More information will be coming home regarding the assignment.


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Friday, January 19th – Vocabulary Test (affixes and 36 prepositions)

Wednesday, January 24th  – Library (AR Book #1 and FlipGrid are due)

Friday, February 2nd – Vocabulary Test #2 (affixes, roots, and 36 prepositions)

Wednesday, February 7th – Library (AR Book #2 and Project are due)

Friday, February 16th – Vocabulary Test #3 (affixes, roots, suffixes, helping verbs and 36 prepositions)

Monday, February 19th – No School (students and teachers)

Wednesday, February 21st – Library (AR Book #3 due)

Friday, March 2nd – Vocabulary Test #4 (affixes, roots, suffixes, helping verbs, and prepositions)

Wednesday, March 7th – Library (AR Book #4 and “Bookmark” due)

Thursday, March 15th – Third Quarter Ends!

Friday, March 16th – NO School! Spring Break begins for students

Monday, March 19th to Friday, March 23rd – NO SCHOOL! Spring Break!     



Every Tuesday and Thursday students can stay till 4:00 to receive assistance on homework or have access to the computer lab to work on keyboarding assignments. If they sign up for homework hub, they are required to stay the entire time, unless they have prior approval from the administration.

The students are not allowed “to hang out” with friends during this time; they will be kept in the homework hub room where the teacher will go through with them over any missing assignments and assist with them on how to get them completed and turned in. This is a wonderful asset for your students. 

Students MUST sign up in the office BY lunchtime on the day of homework hub to attend; otherwise, they will have to wait for the next day. Please be at the school promptly at 4:00 to pick up your child, or they may walk home. Unfortunately, there is no bus service provided. 


If you need to see me in person or need to contact me, I am available from 7:50-8:36 daily. If you plan on meeting with me in person, please give me a day notice. There are times I am not available due to other meetings I may have to attend. 


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