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Welcome to 7th grade English Language Arts!!! We have a busy year planned as we will be covering Reading, Literature, Writing, Language and Speaking and Listening skills this year. Be prepared I expect you to bring your LA folder, pen and pencil, paper, a free reading book, agenda, and the current book/project that we are currently working on with you to class each day. If there are any special supplies you need for the day, I will write that notice on the white board outside of the classroom door. Communicate As a student, it is your responsibility to pay attention to announcements made in class, on the board, in the daily agenda, and to regularly check PowerSchool for grade updates. As a parent, I encourage you to first talk with your child if you have questions about missing work or need clarification on assignments. If your child is not able to answer your question, I would ask that you encourage your child to speak with me to gain clarification. I am always happy to follow up with parents, but I do want to instill a sense of personal responsibility and accountability in each of my students and for him or her to take ownership of his or her own learning. Otherwise, email is the easiest and quickest way to reach me. You can also check the weekly agenda and homework assignments on my web page link. Homework policy I expect homework to be turned in on the due date. Much of the work we do in Language Arts builds on the previous day’s activities so it is very important to stay on top of your homework and project due dates. If you are absent, you will have the standard two days to turn in your work for full credit. If, on occasion, you are unable to meet a deadline, please talk to me immediately. Otherwise, a percentage (ranging from 10%-50% varied by type of assignment) will be docked each day the assignment is late. Library We will have a library day every other Thursday. In addition to the lessons that Mrs. Hobbs teaches you, this time should be used to check out books, take AR tests, complete work for the class competitions, and READ! Reading Requirements and AR Each student is required to read a minimum of 16 books this year, four in each quarter. See R2 handout for details. In addition, we will have an AR contest between my classes. The class with the most participation earns a reward at the end of the nine weeks. Journal You will have a Writer’s and Reader’s Workshop journal that will hold most of your daily, in-class work on grammar, writing projects, and reading comprehension throughout the year. Composition notebooks are highly preferred (no spirals). TED Talks Each quarter, students will research, write, prepare and rehearse for a 2-5 minute TED Talk to present to the class. Students choose their topic, within guidelines, and choose their own presentation date. This is a one shot deal each quarter—no make ups. Grades Grades will be updated in PowerSchool as they are completed and graded. Please check it on a regular basis. The grading scale follows AMS grading policy. I believe that hard work + best effort + completed work + focused attention +good attitude = good grades = LEARNING! Supplies You will need a few basic supplies for language arts class this year. To use every day: • Journal--Composition book (minimum of 100 pages) to be kept in the classroom • Language arts folder for your own daily work and homework assignments To be used occasionally: Colored pencils, crayons, scissors, glue, highlighters, Sharpies/markers, flash drive Basic classroom supplies to donate if you wish: Kleenex, Clorox wipes, sticky notes, highlighters, Sharpies, markers, loose leaf notebook paper, pencils Let’s have a great year!!!